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Touring around the Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is one of the world’s spectacular coastal drives that anyone should visit. From Melbourne, take a two and a half hour drive southwest to Great Ocean Road that stretches from the surfing town of Torquay to the historic fishing village of Port Fairy.

Along the length of the memorial are the stunning ocean views, the verdant rainforests with native wildlife, the amazing landscapes of towering cliffs and green swampy fields, and the pristine waters and gorgeous beaches.

The first stop for morning tea is the picturesque resort town of Anglesea that sits at the mouth of a river. Feel the warmth of Anglesea’s hospitality, view the beaches and surfs, and be on a lookout for native wildlife. Explore the town further and you will find yourself at the bustling riverbank market where you can purchase fresh produce from local farmers and fresh catch from local fishers.

The next stop would be the Memorial Archway where you can snap some photos as you learn about the history of the Great Ocean Road. It was a war memorial honouring the bravery and sacrifices of the servicemen who fought during the First World War.

Continue driving along the Great Ocean Road for the spectacular view of the coastlines, but be always on the lookout for some Australian wild animals. You may spot some playful kangaroos boxing or wallabies grazing by the roadside. As you reach Cape Otway, don’t miss the koalas lazily dozing off on the forks and branches of eucalyptus trees.

At Kennett River, check out Australian native animals such as kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, dingoes, wombats, and many others. Also, you can enjoy the company of the lovely, colourful, and friendly birds.     

When you reach the quaint and poetic town of Lorne, friendly cockatoos will always welcome you, they’re almost everywhere and would even knock on your hotel window. Drive to Teddy’s Lookout for the impressive views of the Great Ocean Road and the coastlines to the mouth of St George River.

You can choose to have your lunch in the seaside town of Apollo Bay. From there you can explore the ancient rainforest of the Otways and the Great Otways National Park that is dotted with waterfalls, waterways, and lakes. The natural reserve covers rainforest, coastlines, waterways, swampland, woodlands, and mountain ranges.  

Explore the Otways, trek to the Erskine Falls, Lower and Upper Kalimna Falls, or the Phantom Falls on the Lorne part of the Otways. By the riverbanks are the lush ferns and verdant vegetation. Be awed by the towering beech, gum, redwood, and eucalyptus trees. But always be on alert to see endemic animals in the wild. Who knows you may have the chance to spot the ever elusive platypus by Lake Elizabeth.

Then cap your Great Ocean Road tour by spending the rest of the day at Port Campbell. Visit the gorgeous Loch Ard Gorge and dip in its cool and pristine waters. Learn about the historic sea mishap near Mutton Bird Island, and take some stunning photos of Tom and Eva by the gorge.

Your day-long excursion would be incomplete without visiting the iconic 12 Apostles. Witness Australia’s southern sunset and soak in the experience of changing colours and amazing seascape as the sun descends into the ocean.

A trip to the Great Ocean Road would be a wonderful experience where you encounter nature first hand.

The rainforest with wild animals and beautiful birds, the great ocean views and impressive scenery of the 12 Apostles — they’re only just the beginning of your journey as you explore further the beauty of Victoria.                  

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