The ‘Little Penguin’ is an amazing creature. They can swim up to 50km per day in search of food. Little Penguins dive up to 700 times a day to depths of up to 100m. They will then walk up to 2km back to their burrows. They are very territorial and know their burrow from 1000’s of other burrows on the island. They will find a mate and sometimes stay with them for a number of breeding seasons however this colony has a 17% divorce rate! 

You will discover even more amazing facts as the ranger guides talk you through your experience as the penguins come to shore.

penguin parade

You will have time to explore the visitor centre before having approximately 1 hour after the penguins arrive to experience their unique behaviours.

The experience that electrifying moment as you spot the first little penguins emerging from the sea and waddling along a Phillip Island beach at dusk.

Included in Phillip Island penguin tours.

To visit Phillip Island Penguin Parade you can choose one of the Phillip Island Day Trip

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