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Kangaroos and Wallabies of Victoria

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In the wilds of Victoria kangaroos and wallabies are a common sight grazing on the grasslands and in the woodlands. In the rural towns of the state and in the areas surrounding Melbourne kangaroos roam freely.
If you compare the population of kangaroos and people in Australia, heck, the marsupials outnumber humans. There are more than 45 million kangaroos in the wilds and grasslands of Australia whereas the nation’s population is only around 24 million. This population boom of kangaroos has prompted the Australian government to encourage hunters to hunt wild kangaroos for meat.
The kangaroo’s large feet and powerful hind legs are ideal for hoping; the muscular tail is used for balancing when moving in a slow pace. A kangaroo’s single leap can be as long as 9 metres, and it can hop around from one place to another at the speed of up to 48 kilometres per hour.
Appearing on the Australian coat of arms, currencies, and bank notes, kangaroos are endemic to the region and have become a national/cultural icon. They’re ubiquitous. You can see them on logos, posters, neon lights, and on films and TV. Of course, you can also see them hopping around in great distances in Australian outback, in zoos, in the wilds, and even in a golf course in Anglesea on the Great Ocean Road.
To get up close and personal with the kangaroos and wallabies, travel to the Great Ocean Road. You can see them in the wilds of the Otways, in Anglesea, in Lorne, in Kennett River, and Warrnambool’s Tower Hill State Game Reserve. Travel to the Grampians where kangaroos roam freely in the charming town of Halls Gap or to the Gippsland and the Yarra and Dandenong mountain ranges. Check out Melbourne Zoo as well or the wildlife park on Phillip Island before you watch the penguin parade in the afternoon.
While in Australia it would be a pity if you missed out seeing kangaroos and wallabies roaming around. Set out on a journey to the Australian outback, you will see Jack and Jill with little joey in her pouch. If you’re lucky enough, you could get the chance to watch male kangaroos playing their favourite sport — boxing. But it going to be bloody dangerous to get closer.
If you’re into steak and wine in Melbourne, Yarra Valley, or Mornington Peninsula, try kangaroo meat steak. It’s a healthy alternative to beef. The meat is lean, and great for steak. You can even buy kangaroo meat from the market. If you like of course, pair it with a bottle of shiraz or cabernet sauvignon or pinot noir. It’s going to be magical.
Debates on whether it is ethical to have marsupial meat for human consumption can be endless. But we at Eco Platypus Tours love to travel across Victoria to see Australia’s native wildlife. We promote responsible eco-tourism where both the environment and local wildlife should be protected.
If you travel with us to the Grampians or to the Otways, you will sure get a closer look at Australia’s iconic kangaroos and wallabies.

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