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Our Great Ocean Road day tour will exhilarate your wild side.

Our team at Eco Platypus Tours is continually inspired by the beauty and natural wonders of the southern coastlines of Australia. We have designed a great ocean road day tour to complement the spirited adventurer to the first time traveler. This five-star rated great ocean road day tour takes touring to the next level by also including a fine dining experience at Apollo Bay’s Restaurant.

Travelling in a small group of people allows us to help you discover the hidden wonders of the Great Ocean Road whilst showcasing the feature highlights of the region. Other tour companies deliver hundreds of tourists to the 12 Apostles on a daily basis from Melbourne. Serving an average lunch in Apollo Bay before arriving at the 12 Apostles mid-afternoon along with all the other great ocean road tours.  A huge car park full of cars and buses with thousands of tourists crowding around the lookouts unable to see over each other to get a photo of the 12 Apostles. That’s why we wanted to offer something different and unique with our Eco Platypus itineraries.

This inspired us to create the most authentic great ocean road day tour experience available. When you arrive at the 12 Apostles coastline with Eco Platypus Tours we take you to a car park. 

We then guide along an easy walking trail. You then discover the awe-inspiring coastline of the 12 Apostles from within the Port Campbell National Park without another tourist in sight. 


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