Your great ocean road tour includes the world famous 12 apostles coastline, one that is truly awe-inspiring. Your great ocean road tour itinerary visits amazing rock formations such as Gog, Magog, 12 Apostles, Mutton Bird Island, Pudding Basin Rock, The Razorback, Island Archway, Bakers Oven and London Bridge.

Created by constant erosion of the limestone cliffs of the mainland beginning 10-20 million years ago, the stormy Southern Ocean and blasting winds gradually eroded the softer limestone, forming caves in the cliffs. 

The caves eventually became arches and when they collapsed rock stacks up to 45 meters high were left isolated from the shore. View the 12 Apostles at sunrise and sunset as they change color from dark and foreboding in shadow to brilliant sandy yellow under a full sun.

Included in your Great ocean road tour experience.

To visit 12 Apostles you can choose one of the Great Ocean Road Tours

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